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Morant HomeWhen Les Morant founded Morant Law PLLC., he had the families and business owners of Grand Rapids and the surrounding area in mind. With years of experience in business law, commercial litigation and contested probate, Morant brings a wealth of knowledge to the table for the legal protection you need. We understand the struggles brought on when dealing with legal issues, so our attorneys put you first to help you every step of the way.


Businesses often fall victim to legal obstacles and disputes. Whether forming a new company or a seasoned veteran in your industry, the business law attorneys at Morant Law PLLC. know how to legally protect your business. Our business law practices specialize in mergers and acquisitions, employment, shareholder rights and property issues. If forming a company, we assist you in hitting the ground running and smoothly without running into complicated legal issues.


If you or your business falls prey to breached contracts, manipulation or legal loopholes from a third party, the attorneys of Morant Law PLLC. offer the assistance you need. With the aggressive representation required for success in cases of commercial litigation, we ensure the compensation you and your company deserve within a business dispute.


With the death of a loved one, you and your family feel a great burden resting on your shoulders. A complicated and messy probate only hurts the loved ones of the deceased more. We aim to minimize that pain to alleviate stress within your home. When dealing with a contested probate, Les Morant and his team of experienced attorneys work carefully with you to satisfy the needs of both you and the law in a simple and uncomplicated matter.


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