Contested Probate


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With a burden riding on you and your family after the death of a loved one, a contested probate scenario only cuts deeper into the wound. Settling a contested probate case quickly, efficiently and fairly helps to ease the pain. The attorneys at Morant Law PLLC excel in handling contested probate cases and  can guide you throughout the process.


Contested probate legal contests — involving the validity or administration of a loved one’s will, trust or the competency of a loved one through a contested guardianship or conservatorship — tend to create issues within the parties involved. Probate disputes consume great deals of time and money, and often create tension among friends and family. With this in mind, our experienced contested probate attorneys strive to handle your loved one’s trust or estate issues with compassion, efficiency and competency.


Why Go To Probate Court?


Probate courts ensure that all parties act according to the law and to the expressed wishes of the deceased by challenging or validating wills and trusts, determining heirs and beneficiaries and by resolving disputes over the administration of estates and trusts. Examples include challenging accountings, asset inventories, distributions and other financial decisions by fiduciaries.


Probate courts also serve to guarantee the protection of those members of our society who are most vulnerable. They set up guardianships and conservatorships through adjudicating a loved one’s competency or incompetency — due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, addiction or natural causes. The Grand Rapids probate attorneys at Morant Law PLLC work with you and the court to honor your loved one’s wishes and to protect all of your best interests throughout each step in the process.


Our contested probate attorneys provide representation for many issues, including:

  • Defending or challenging the administration of estates and trusts
  • Opening and closing of an estate or trust
  • Paying or denying creditor claims
  • Selling real property
  • Inventorying of estate or trust assets
  • Preparing annual accounts
  • Planning and executing the distribution of estate or trust assets to beneficiaries
  • Representing the interests of trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, creditors, heirs, executors and other interested parties
  • Prosecuting or defending against breach of fiduciary duty, undue influence or duress claims
  • The appointment and administration of Guardians or Conservators
  • Incapacity challenges
  • Enforcement of a later will
  • Forgery or the improper execution of estate documentation


There are many different kinds of probate proceedings, and figuring out which will works for you depends on your specific situation. Whichever type of probate administration suits you, the attorneys at Morant Law PLLC ensures that the process runs smoothly and complies with both the demands of the law and of the court.


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