Grand Rapids Employment Law


I have only the highest praise for Les. He was very thorough in understanding the issues at hand and all surrounding aspects. His work ethic is exceptional; his style personable and down to earth. I very much enjoyed working with Les and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.


— Petra Hamilton, Director of Administration, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments

Businesses represent the convergence of those with money — and those who want money. Combined with human nature, personal beliefs, emotion, interpersonal relationships, greed and power — the need for legal boundaries governed by employment law becomes apparent.


Both employees and employers need legal protection in today’s often harsh business climate. Employees and employers facing issues such as wrongful termination, breach of contract, non-compete violations, confidentiality, severance agreements, harassment and civil rights claims need the sound advice and representation that the Grand Rapids attorneys at Morant Law provides.


Going to court takes a lot of time, energy and money, so most business owners want to avoid court whenever possible. Our Grand Rapids employment lawyers assist clients in avoiding employment claims through the careful drafting of employee handbooks, policies, procedures and contracts designed to protect your business. If further legal action becomes necessary, our aggressive representation of our clients helps settle cases quickly and carefully.


Wrongful termination traditionally applies to individuals fired on the basis of their race, gender, ethnic background, religion or disability. It also applies when an employee brought a legal complaint against an employer or acted as a whistleblower to a wrongdoing within the business.


A breach of contract hinders your business operations, wasting both time and money. There are four different types of breaches: anticipatory breach, fundamental breach, minor breach and material breach. If an employee refuses to comply with their job requirements, fails to complete a job or a customer prevents the contractor from finishing their responsibilities, the breach of contract entitles you to compensation.


Non-compete agreements protect employers by limiting employees from joining a competitor, stealing clients or setting up a competitive business in a similar industry for a defined period of time. Many of these agreements overlap into grey areas when it comes to the legal interpretation and scope of the restrictions. Before signing any legal agreement that impacts your professional advancement and livelihood, contact us to review the non-compete agreement and advise you on your options.


Morant Law attorneys also specialize in employee issues regarding confidentiality, severance agreements, harassment and civil rights issues. With years of experience in employment law, our attorneys remain dedicated to helping both employees and employers face these unique and complicated legal challenges.


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